A few days ago,

A few days ago,

A few days ago,

my boys suddenly pulled out


from our bookshelves

because they suddenly felt like reading it.

While reading the book to his siblings,

Mr 8 kept tripping over the word 咸 xián salty

and read it as 酸 suān sour

and we had a good chuckle.

Mr 6 then suddenly got fixated on the word 咸,

it looks like 喊 that we saw in 闹闹漫画 before,

and Mr 8 said it looks like 或 which he learnt in school #欢乐伙伴...

so I decided to ride on their interest

to do a mini word study on the word

咸 xián salty



✨ 我 wǒ me / I

✨ 或 huò or

(to learn 形似字 words that looks similar

and practise 辨字 distinguishing between similar words)



✨ 喊 hǎn to shout

✨ 感 gǎn to feel

✨ 减 jiǎn to lower / decrease

(to learn 偏旁部首 radicals and new words!)



✨ 闲 xián leisure / relax

(to practise listening through 谐音字/同音字,

汉语拼音 and intonations,

and learn a new word!)

Maybe we'll eat bak zhang

for lunch one of these days :P

As we model curiosity, and

help our kids form these connections,

over time,

they'll learn to make these connections

on their own too!

You can use this format

to explore words of interest

through 形似字,偏旁部首,


for your kids too!

I find this helps Mandarin

come alive,

especially for Primary school kids

who delight in finding connections between things.

Have fun, and

tag us at @mystorytreasury if you try this idea (:

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