As part of our ongoing 5th birthday celebrations,

As part of our ongoing 5th birthday celebrations,

As part of our ongoing 5th birthday celebrations,

we have a surprise in store for all our longtime and new customers!

For every meaningful review you write,

you’ll get 80 reward points

instead of the usual 50!

From now till 31 January 2023.

You can then exchange reward points for vouchers

to offset subsequent purchases.

For those who have made several purchases before,

the reward points can add up quickly! ✨

Who reads reviews before purchasing anything?

We do!

We’re shoppers too.

Rather than just hearing from sellers about the products,

we love to hear experiences and insights from

real customers

- fellow parents and educators

to help us see if the products will be a good fit for our family’s needs.

So help us out, and share your thoughts!

Please note:

✨ Item reviewed needs to be purchased from My Story Treasury, not elsewhere

✨ 1 review per product

✨ Minimum of 20 words so we can get a better idea of your experience

✨ Applies for products that are currently listed on the store

Answering some common questions!

Q: How can I find out which titles I’ve purchased from MST?

A: Log into, and check your order history on

Q: How can I start writing reviews?

A: Just head over to the product page on MST,

scroll down to the Review section, and

select “Write a Review”!

Q: I don’t know what to write for reviews!

Where do I start?

A: You can share

✨ your child’s gender and age if you’re comfortable sharing

✨ your child’s favourite pages

✨ which parts do you child like about it

✨ any related conversations or learning you’ve had

✨ how you find the storyline or pictures

Or consider 930++ verified reviews written by others!

Thank you in advance,

and we can’t wait to hear from you!

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