Bedtime Stories with Hanyu Pinyin (Set of 100) 📚

Bedtime Stories with Hanyu Pinyin (Set of 100) 📚

Bedtime Stories with Hanyu Pinyin (Set of 100) 📚


When we saw this set, it was love at first sight!

I don't say this very often,

and I mean it -

I honestly think every single family should have this at home.

To introduce a wide variety of

quick stories in Mandarin to our children.

There is so much mileage -

works for a big age range,

fits almost any learning theme, and supports my kids' interests.

Mummies who do home learning with your kids,

you will NOT want to miss this!!!

Oh, did I mention

there's hanyu pinyin

AND free audio narration too?

Sharing how we pair the stories

with my kids' interests or curiosities:

📚 After watching an animation on Youtube, we read 《三个和尚》about 3 monks who refused to carry water from the well at the bottom of the hill. Only after a fire broke out in the temple, they learnt the value of teamwork.

📚 When talking about lighting in the house, we read 《凿壁偷光》about a poor man who worked in the day and wanted to study at night but he could not afford to buy candles. He asked his wealthy neighbour if he could go to their house to study with their light, but got despised and rejected. He later made a hole in the wall, to study in his own home through the borrowed light.

📚 My child was learning the nursery rhyme 大象 and we read 《曹冲称象》

The trick will be to observe your child,

to see what is something that interests him or her,

or hear what kinds of questions they are asking -

and then find a related book to read!

This is PERFECT for primary school silent reading too!

Light and small, comes with hanyu pinyin, story is short and easy to understand.

One more thing before I go, this is one of the titles we have on sale this week, ending Sunday 2359hrs 🥳

Get yours from today!

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