🇸🇬 Book Recommendation 🇸🇬外公的小房间 Grandpa's Little Room

🇸🇬 Book Recommendation 🇸🇬外公的小房间 Grandpa's Little Room

From Singapore Heritage Series

What I really like about this title is that there’s a seek and find component that is very fun! There’s a real photo of some heritage objects at the back of the book, the items are hidden within the story 😍

Objects like mortar and pestle, porcelain pillow, classic red clogs, oil lamp and more!

Sharing more conversations we had!

(We speak mostly in Mandarin,

mixed in with occasional English to aid their understanding.

Typing out here in English for ease of reading!)

Another page we stop at often, is the scene of flooding.

We see little children playing in the water,

people carrying umbrellas,

some rolling up their trousers to keep their trousers dry

We hear of recent flooding happening recently in Germany, and watch scenes of it on the news.

We imagine it will be inconvenient to have floods, and likely have property damaged, daily life, financial losses and businesses affected. If floods are serious, lives will be lost and people sustaining injuries.

As we walk around in our neighbourhoods today, we see a whole network of small drains and big canals - my kids always point out how the water flow is different in periods of dry spells, normal days, slight drizzling days and days with torrential rains that span over the whole day.

We’re grateful that our government has designed ways to prevent flooding while planning and building the city!

The kids even asked their grandma whether it used to flood in Singapore when she was young, and listened to her old stories.

Words we learnt from reading this book:

⭐️ 穷 qióng poor. 不够钱,要省吃俭用,他们一家六口常常吃不饱。

⭐️ 共用 gòng yòng - share. 他们只拥有一间房间,要和其他人共用厨房、冲凉房和厕所。When they use the kitchen we need to considerate of others' needs, and clean up after ourselves. Can't take too long and sing in the shower, because others need to use the washroom too.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks through the week on this series!

Oh, and we’re going to release new comics series this weekend, that will be definitely a hit with primary schoolers, don’t miss it!

Do you recognise any of these heritage objects?

Have you seen it in real life?

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