Books on Conflict,

Books on Conflict,

Books on Conflict,

War and Peace


Recent news of the Russia-Ukraine war has shaken the world.

We're doing our part to share some books

that can equip us parents

to talk with our kids about

conflict, war, violence

and the alternatives to promote peace.

🕊️ 儿童好品德系列 The Best Behaviour Series (Set of 5)

《手不是用来打人的》 Hands Are Not For Hitting

《语言不是用来伤人的》Words Are Not For Hurting

《细菌不是用来分享的》Germs Are Not For Sharing

《尾巴不是用来扯的》 Tails Are Not For Pulling

《嗓门不是用来嚷嚷的》 Voices Are Not For Yelling

We not only do we see what not to do,

we also learn what to do constructively as an alternative,

with our hands, words, and voices.

🕊️ 马拉拉一个勇敢的巴基斯坦女孩 / 伊拜尔一个勇敢的巴基斯坦男孩 Malala, a Brave Girl from Pakistan / Iqbal, a Brave Boy from Pakistan

Despite facing harrassment,

Iqbal stood up to speak against child slavery in the carpet trade, and

Malala championed for the rights of girls to attend school.

See the impact of terrorists and slavery

🕊️ 世界上最美丽的村子 我的家乡 The Most Beautiful Village in the World

Before war,

many places used to beautiful,

many people used to have peaceful lives.

We see that war destroys lands,

it destroys lives.

🕊️ 最棒的礼物 Peace Is An Offering

Delight in little things like a gentle kiss,

extending a hand to someone in need,

speaking softly to a younger sibling,

looking at the raindrops,

strolling in the park,

or enjoying hot food.

Peace is to given,


and cherished.

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More related titles

will be coming in a few weeks.

Stay tuned for our next post on

cultivating kindness and courtesy in our children!

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