I wish I had this resource growing up!!

Today let me continue to share some more reasons why I think this is going to be an indispensable resource in your family’s learning journey!

Other than the 词典正文 Main dictionary mentioned in the previous post,

this Chinese dictionary contains lots of handy lists!!

✅ 汉语拼音音节索引 List to search by Hanyu pinyin

✅ 笔画查字表 List to search by strokes

✅ 量词 List of Quantifiers (I need this!!!! So I don’t say 一个 for every single thing 😂)

✅ 常用汉字边旁部首表 List of commonly used radicals

✅ 汉字笔画名称表 List of strokes

✅ 笔画规则 Stroke order rules

✅ 小一到小四学生学习词表 Vocabulary list for Singaporean Primary 1-4 Syllabus (with Hanyu pinyin and English translation - so it’s highly relevant for our local kids! This publisher also publishes the local primary school curriculum)

✅ 主题画页 Thematic Scenes with related vocabulary:身体各部位、我的家、各种运动、交通工具等 (I love these, especially the page about body parts!)

Check out the flipthroughs and photos for more details!

I'd like to draw your attention to two of the charts -

⭐️ 汉字笔画名称表 List of strokes

⭐️ 笔画规则 Stroke order rules

- which are really important to write and form beautiful words!

Every Chinese character can be broken down into subunits, and the smallest of these units - is strokes 笔画!

In the earliest stage of learning to write in Chinese, we always start with these strokes. It’s essential to know these by heart for a good foundation later on!

Did you know there are some principles to determine which strokes come first?

The simplest two are

先横后竖, like in 十,土,下 and

先撇后捺 like in 人,八,父,爸

Check out the rest of the list in the physical dictionary!

These and so much more awesomeness are packed into a single reference book that will be useful for years to come.

I already know it will be well-used by all my 3 kids!



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