Did you know that the overwhelming majority

Did you know that the overwhelming majority

Did you know that the overwhelming majority

of Chinese characters belong to a category called

形声字 xíng shēng zì Phono-semantic characters?

They make up 65-90% of the modern Chinese language, from various estimates. That's A LOT!

We'd love to help your family explore these words together

for a good foundation in Chinese.

Our set of

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To further support your family,

we've designed EXCLUSIVE RESOURCES to go along

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😎 Reference sheet of 10 basic radicals 偏旁部首

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30 related words to explore,

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😎 List of ways to maximise the use of this set for beginners

Speaking with various educators

have confirmed that learning radicals

is VERY USEFUL all the way

through primary AND secondary school

both in 辨字测验 MCQ section of papers

where lookalike words are tested,

and also to ensure accuracy in choice of characters

for all other types of writing!

形声字 means that

both the sound & meaning of the characters

can be inferred

just by looking at

the phonetic component & semantic component respectively.

Let's look at some examples:

马 mǎ horse

口 + 马 = 吗 ma [at the end of a question]

女 + 马 = 妈 mā mother

口 + 口 + 马 = 骂 mà scold

石 + 马 = 码 mǎ number / code

虫 + 马 = 蚂 mǎ part of 蚂蚁 ant

And a cool discovery

my kids made just yesterday

五 wǔ five

sounds like

五 + 口 = 吾 wú I / me


扌+ 吾 = 捂 wǔ cover

忄+ 吾 = 悟 wù comprehend

口 + 吾 = 唔 wú sound of mumbling

the only exception we could think of was

讠+ 吾 = 语 yǔ language

The Chinese language

suddenly makes more sense

when we DISSECT the compound words &

ANALYZE its parts.

We also have fun CREATING!

We look at certain

独体字 dú tǐ zì primary characters

or 偏旁 piānpáng radicals,

and then think of possible

部首 bù shǒu indexing radicals we can add,

to see if it makes sense!

It's so amazing to rediscover the

BEAUTY of the Chinese language,

and I hope this helps my kids

to appreciate what they're learning!

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