Do you like reading children’s books with little to no words?

Do you like reading children’s books with little to no words?

Do you like reading children’s books with little to no words?

Recently, we discovered the magic of

near-wordless books afresh

with 《一起玩》 😍

If you find it familiar,

yes, this is the sequel to

our beloved 《抱抱》Hug!

Let me share with you a story.

Last night my 2 year old 👧🏻

caught me by surprise.

We’ve been reading this book

the 3rd day in a row…

And she started describing the pages

all on her own

and I was surprised at her level of understanding!







At this moment I was so surprised!

She actually understood that

in the book,

when the sun comes up,

it’s a new day.

Actually we’ve been

talking about this concept

to explain the passage of time,

to anticipate the next day,

as part of our bedtime routine.







But it hits different to know that she

1. Actively recalled a relevant detail

from earlier in the story

2. Applied the concept

that “sun comes up” =

“a new day” to our reading 🥰🥰

From a very simple

yet masterfully written and illustrated book,

I’ve been able to discuss with

my 2 year old things like

✨routines 在对的时候,做对的东西

✨sometimes we feel angry and pout 有时候我们会生气、嘟嘟嘴

✨it’s fun to play 玩的时候,好开心

✨it’s nice to have friends 有朋友,真好

✨we need to wait patiently 我们耐心地等待

✨sunrise 日出,早上,天黑的时候,太阳出来了

✨sunset 日落,傍晚,太阳下山了,天慢慢黑了

✨night 天色已暗了,星星出来了

✨a turtle’s home is its shell 乌龟的壳,就是它的家

And discuss with my 6 and 8 year olds things like

✨ there is a time for everything 万物皆有时

✨ time management is important 时间管理很重要

✨differences between fiction and non-fiction books 虚构类读物 和 非虚构类读物 的分别

✨ differences between turtles, tortoises and terrapins 海龟和乌龟的区别 🐢

and more.

I used to be a little nervous

with wordless books

because I didn’t know what to say.

Over time I’ve learnt some

tips and tricks

to enjoy and even maximise

these wordless books!

Would you like to hear about these tips?

Do you have any favourite wordless book

or near wordless book

to recommend?

Do you have any tips to read wordless books?

Share with us in the comments!

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