Family Home-Based Learning: Pets 🐶 🐱 🐹 🐰

Family Home-Based Learning: Pets 🐶 🐱 🐹 🐰

One of my kids' favourite home learning sessions

now involve 闹闹 comics and learning new words from within.

I make sure to do one-on-one reading with the boys daily,

to cater to their different literacy levels,

learning styles

and preferences for stories.

In the same reading session,

when we were talking about 闹闹 wanting a pet,

we kept coming across the term

宠物 chǒng wù.

So we did a bit of picture talk on the comic scene in a pet shop

and took out our favourite picture dictionary

to check out the proper terms to say

bird cage 鸟笼 niǎo lóng,

kennel 狗屋 gǒu wū, and

pet food 饲料 sì liào.

I wrote out the words 宠物

and asked what other ___ 物 he knows.

and 老二 said “植物” zhí wù plants! 🥳

We verbally discussed, there’s

动物 dòng wù animal

生物 shēng wù living thing

非生物 feī shēng wù non-living thing

礼物 lǐ wù gift

and more

We learned

仓鼠 🐹 cāng shǔ hamster

painlessly through repeated exposure in the comics storyline.

妹妹 brought out the hand-drawn cat and dog

that I gave her some days ago,

and connected the dots

by matching them to our soft toy cat and dog!

She also could relate them to the pictures in the picture dictionary

and 闹闹 comics 😍😍

She's learning something while I'm teaching her 二哥,

albeit at her 20 month old toddler level.


大哥 realised that

his Pri 2B Chinese textbook 欢乐伙伴 Lesson 13

has a chapter on pets that is related too!

可以说 一石三鸟、一剑三雕吗?😜


📗 闹闹漫画街 Nao Nao Comics Street (Set of 4) - Book 1 《闹闹的宠物》

📗 欢乐学习看图词典 Fun Chinese Picture Dictionary (2nd edition) - Bilingual

📗 四五快读 Book 2 Lesson 13 猫、狗

📗 Primary 2B Chinese textbook 欢乐伙伴 Lesson 13

PS: I actually really really love our local primary school Chinese curriculum - can see that they take great lengths to make the language relatable and come alive, to support learners of all abilities!

Ages 👦🏻 8 👦🏻 6 👧🏻 20months

I’ve observed that having quality resources with lots of mileage is important - so I can whip them out in a moment’s notice and add depth to whatever we’re reading!

Come and check out our collection on “learning to read and write” on - hope you find something helpful for your family!

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