From now till the end of February,

From now till the end of February,

From now till the end of February,

these awesome booksets are on sale!

#好书介绍 Here’s a quick intro.

📚 #1 哇!历史原来是这样 Wow! I Didn't Know This About History (Set of 6)

Titles included:

《洗澡简史》History of Showering

《吃饭简史》History of Eating

《上学简史》History of Schooling

《货币简史》History of Currency

《出行简史》History of Transportation

《看病简史》History of Medicine

Why we love it:

⭐ conversational style - easy to understand

⭐ talk about elements of Chinese culture - important for our identity

⭐ illustrations are comical despite the content matter!! - my boys find it very funny

⭐ topics are very relatable

⭐ inspiring - to see how people of the past overcame challenges in their day to constantly improve

⭐ Montessori-friendly, very suitable for kids in 2nd plane 6-12yo

📚 #2 四季时光 All Around Bustletown - 4 Seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Night (Set of 5) - Bilingual

Titles included:

Winter 《寒冬》 - 1st year's winter

Spring 《暖春》 - 2nd year's spring

Summer 《盛夏》 - 2nd year's summer

Autumn 《凉秋》 - 2nd year's autumn

Night 《月夜》 - 3rd year's summer at night

Why we love it:

⭐ Illustrations are extremely detailed, gentle and heartwarming

⭐ Board book, hardcover, book always lie flat - easy reading that can stand the test of time

⭐ Interactive - Search and find element. So much bonding when we read together!

⭐ Bilingual 😍

📚 #3 中国基因 DNA of Chinese Culture (Set of 7)

Titles included:

《茶》 Tea

《米食乐》 Rice

《饺子》 Dumplings

《陶器》 Pottery

《豆腐》 Tofu

《妈妈的一碗汤》 Mum's Bowl of Soup

《陀螺》 Spinning Top

Why we love it:

⭐ relatable - learn culture through food, drink and play

⭐ helps me nurture my kids' affinity for our Chinese culture

⭐ there is so much history and familial love in every single book

⭐ many deeper topics explored - mother working abroad, Alzheimer's disease, passing down a family business, exporting of Chinese goods with world trade, rediscovering traditional dishes etc

⭐ it's easy to extend the learning based on these books

⭐ great mileage - can be enjoyed by people of many ages

Check out the for more photos, details, in-depth write-up and our family's reviews ❤️

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