Nom Nom November

This month, let’s switch gears on our bilingual journey to open our eyes for Mandarin learning opportunities related to FOOD!

Endless opportunities abound!

Perhaps check out


shop signages,


food packaging,

price labels,

and more!

A fun idea will be to give your child a budget, and head to a supermarket with lots of Mandarin environment print!

Being able to choose what they like gives a strong motivation to read Chinese print, and kids can experience that Mandarin is truly useful in life. It can be fun, memorable and lead to yummy things too!

@scarlettsupermarket outlets are especially worth a visit for this purpose (: At some outlets there may be a map of China displayed outside the store, which is interesting to chat about geography as well!

We’ve tried it many times and kids are always excited. After we get the snacks or drinks, they’ll be reading off the labels, checking out the ingredients, pointing out words that they know, asking how to read new characters and more.

Join us on our families’ bilingual adventures!


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Let’s think of how to incorporate

Mandarin learning into food!

Share with us:

What’s your favourite food or

your child’s favourite food? 😋😋

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