#funplaywithchinese June Prompts

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The past few months have been difficult for everyone on the home front. Several mummies have shared that they have planned activities for the themes, but did not have the chance to carry it out.⁠

So this month we're casting the net really wide.⁠

If you have ANY sharing that will help us⁠
  • Appreciate our roots better,⁠
  • Connect us with our history,⁠
  • Spur us to create new traditions and memories,⁠
  • Enjoy the language
⁠Be it related to 听 listening,⁠
  • 说 speaking,⁠
  • 读 reading,⁠
  • 写 writing,⁠
  • 演 acting,⁠
  • 唱 singing,⁠
  • 画 drawing
  • 玩 playing 

⁠We welcome you contact us or to use the hashtag #funplaywithchinese!⁠

Let's come alongside each other to encourage each other in our bilingual/multilingual journey.⁠

May you find inspiration, accountability and friendship here in our in our #funplaywithchinese community.⁠

Because we're better, together!⁠



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