#funplaywithchinese x #四五快读

#funplaywithchinese x #四五快读

This October, a few of us are coming together

to share a little about our journey

of using the #四五快读 curriculum,

a popular series for parents to teach our children to read.

If you're using this curriculum too,

do come along and share!

If you're not using the curriculum,

we hope you find something valuable for your own journey ❤️

Our team had a really interesting group discussion

a few days ago


Here are some of our reflections

from the 7 families represented here,

in these graphics!

Shout-out and credit to my dear friends for sharing your wisdom and tips mentioned #funplaywithchinese x #四五快读 mini project








Looking forward to learn more from each of these lovely mamas.

Let's spur each other on in our bilingual parenting!

Over to you -

out of the 19 pointers shared,

which can you relate to?

Which do you find interesting?

Save and share this post,

and let me know if you find this compilation helpful!

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