Have you read these Singlit books before?

Have you read these Singlit books before?

Have you read these Singlit books before?

Sharing some lovely reads from our personal library!

Some of 👧🏻 Ms 3’s top favourites

✨儿童新唱计划: 我们的儿歌画故事 The Nursery Rhymes Project 1, 2 &3: Paint Our Songs (Set of 3) @thetheatrepractice

✨隐形的人 - 阿公心爱的工作服 + 巴士司机 Invisible People Series - Ah Gong’s Uniform + The Bus Driver (Set of 2) @ameschen @tokiostreets @estherlaoshi

✨菲菲你真棒 Murphy, See How You Shine! @weiteng_for_magic @quekie

✨欢乐学习看图词典 Fun Chinese Picture Dictionary (2nd edition) - Bilingual

✨小豆豆的图画书 Beany’s Picture Books (Set of 10)

✨情绪智商 My EQ Readers (Set of 12)

✨狮城往事绘本系列 Singapore Heritage Series (Set of 10)

Books 👦🏻Mr 8 and 👦🏻Mr 10 love to read on their own

✨三胞成语乐园 Yeah! Chinese Idioms (Set of 2)

✨老夫子 欢乐成语 Old Master Q Happy Idioms (Set of 2)

✨新鲜阿婆 What’s New with Grandma

✨又是这一班 It’s This Class Again (Set of 7)

✨闹闹漫画系列 Nao Nao Comic Series

✨闹闹新现代学生心态写真系列 Nao Nao New Portraits of the Modern Day ✨Student Series

✨笑笑学成语 Xiao Xiao Learns Idioms

✨笑笑学歇后语 Xiao Xiao Learns Chinese Proverbs (Set of 2)

Others we’ve enjoyed as a family

✨大家来过节 新加坡 传统节日与习俗 Let’s Celebrate - Singaporean Festivals and Customs (Set of 3) @phrancphoo

✨居家学习谁最棒 We Can Learn At Home

✨这个假期不一样 School Holidays Are Different Now

✨新加坡华族传统食品 Singaporean Chinese Cultural Food (Set of 8)

✨新加坡快乐小厨师绘本系列 Happy Little Singaporean Chef Series (Set of 4)

✨漫画唐诗 Tang Poetry In Pictures (Set of 3)

Coming soon to MST

✨乐乐计转弯 (Set of 2)

✨成语我OK (Set of 3)

✨儿童心灵健康成长绘本 (Set of 4)

✨我爱读报 iRead News (Set of 4)

Above are the books we currently or are going to stock at @mystorytreasury!

Other books by amazing local writers

✨Why Is Good Friday Good? 耶稣受难日 @thetreasureboxsg

✨Stacey Goes to the National Gallery Singapore @filbertfluff

✨The Great Singapore Poo Sale @graciechai

✨Karang Guni boy

✨The Incredible Basket @quekie

✨Our Coastal Backyard @dottieshop_sg

✨Touch-Me-Nots @natureplaytime

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