How I read with my 2 year old 👧🏻👩🏻📚

How I read with my 2 year old 👧🏻👩🏻📚

How I read with my 2 year old 👧🏻👩🏻📚

Warms my heart to have simple reading sessions

together with my toddler!

We sometimes...

⭐ read the text,

⭐ look at the illustrations,

⭐️ comment on something interesting,

⭐ repeat after each other,

⭐ extend phrases to introduce new vocabulary,

⭐ read the same book many times over,

⭐ have fun dramatising!

We don't always...

⭐ finish the book,

⭐ read all the words,

⭐ understand everything,

⭐ want to read the same book again,

and that's okay!

It's always a time that we...

⭐ put away all other distractions,

⭐ spend quality time together,

⭐ enjoy each others' presence,

⭐ embark on adventures together,

even just for a while.

《妈妈,买绿豆!》 is a title dear to our heart and close to home!

We’ve read this book countless times, and it’s always heartwarming ❤️

Ah Bao is out shopping with his mother. They buy green beans, cook green bean soup, eat green beans, grow them, and wait to see them sprout. The boy's close relationship with his mother shines through the simple storyline.

Recommended for Ages: 2-6

(Older ones can definitely enjoy it too!)

Get your copy from today!

Conversation starters:

🌱 How and why do people buy things?

🌱 What do plants need to grow?

🌱 What are dried goods and why can they be kept for long periods of time?

🌱 How do people freeze food?

🌱 How do people around the world wash and dry their laundry?

Suggested extension activities:

🌱 Hanging up cloths activity

🌱 Beans sorting activity

🌱 Watering and caring for plant, recording progress through photos or drawings

🌱 Cook green bean soup and make green bean popsicles together

🌱 Write a grocery list in Chinese, then go shopping together, crossing off each item as it is found

🌱 Observe, compare and contrast various beans

🌱 Let the child buy something at the store by himself or herself! Great for training independence

Learning Themes:

🌱 Practical Life: grocery shopping, cooking, gardening.

🌱 Living things: plants.

🌱 Science: Plant life cycle, heating cooling cooking, states of matter (water to steam, water to ice), passage of time.

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