Learning Mandarin

Learning Mandarin

Learning Mandarin

with our primary school children

on a forest night walk

Am excited to partner @littledayout

to share our learning journey

on our recent Mandai forest night walk!

Terms we learnt:

黑漆漆的 hēi qī qī de pitch-black

长尾蝎子 cháng wěi xiē zi long-tailed scorpion

蚱蜢 zhà měng grasshopper

狼蛛 láng zhū wolf spider

织网 zhī wǎng spinning its web

蜗牛 wō niú Humphrey’s land snail

蛞蝓 kuò yú slug

食蟹蛙 shí xiè wā crab-eating frog

巨蜈蚣 jù wú gōng giant centipede

巨人恐蚁 jù rén kǒng yǐ giant forest ant

We also heard 👂

蝉 cicada

猫头鹰 owl

and saw 👀

鼠鹿 mousedeer,

水鹿 Sambar deer (not sambal 🌶️),

果子狸 palm civet and

发光蘑菇 bioluminiscent mushrooms 🍄💡

but could not be captured on our phones.

So magical!

要亲自去看 😍

At first I was a little worried

whether 👦🏻 Mr 8 could take the

2hour+ 3km walk on uneven terrain,

or whether we’d see anything…

but it went really well!

Over the next few days,

my eldest 👦🏻 excitedly shared his discoveries with our family,

and we had lots of chats about

creation, urbanisation, conservation and more!

Highly recommended to bring slightly older kids on

guided group night tours with @littledayout for

🌙 a special family adventure in the dark,

🌙 safety in numbers,

🌙 highest chance to spot nocturnal animals

🌙 on-the-go commentary to learn cool science facts

with our knowledgeable guide!

I really liked that 👦🏻 Mr 8 could directly connect what we saw

to his Primary 3 science syllabus

on classification and diversity!


Here’s the link to sign up if you’re interested in similar walks ⬇️


Follow @littledayout for more ideas on activities and places to go with your family. More adventures in nature await!

Sharing some related books

we read pre/post-outing

📗 蚂蚁和西瓜

📗 蚂蚁的地下王国

📗 晚安,大猩猩

📗 小蜗牛慢慢爬、你怎么不睡觉

📗 动物、自然

📗 穿山甲为什么要过马路?

📗 好忙的蜘蛛

📗 鸟!鸟!鸟!

📗 九色鹿、坐井观天、小蝌蚪找妈妈

📗 指鹿为马、树大招风

📗 我爱问妈妈

📗 月亮姑娘做衣裳、凿壁偷光、猴子捞月

available at mystorytreasury.com 💖

Follow @mystorytreasury for tips on making Mandarin fun, and recommendations on awesome Chinese books!

Ask me anything in the comments.

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