🇸🇬 Mama's home-cooked food, 家的味道 🇸🇬

🇸🇬 Mama's home-cooked food, 家的味道 🇸🇬

Taking a break from usual book-related posting to share something personal,

and a dish that my kids absolutely love.


Proverbs 17:1 Better is a dry morsel with quiet

than a house full of feasting with strife.

箴 言 17:1 设 筵 满 屋 , 大 家 相 争 ,

不 如 有 块 乾 饼 , 大 家 相 安 。

I share this bible verse often with my boys, over the years.

As I was growing up, this bible verse always jumped out at me.

I've always looked forward to the day when family time doesn't involve passive aggressive behaviour, guilt, shame, anger, and fear.

Perhaps one day,

I'd be content and really happy eating just a bowl of porridge,

or anything simple...

knowing that everyone

is committed to love each other in word and deed,

forgiving always,

quick to listen, slow to anger,

parents are committed to honour each other,

children learn to care for each other,

and everyone feels safe.











Grateful beyond measure

that we've had a chance to break dysfunctional generational patterns and

create the home environment of our dreams (on most days),

based on God's wisdom for the family unit.

Yesterday as I saw my kids devouring this simple dish,

I'm reminded again that we don't need much to be happy.

I cook different variations of these every week or two 😝😀

My agak agak recipe for Minced Meat Patties -

🥄 Minced Pork / Chicken / Beef - no need to marinate

🥄 Fish paste

(Optional, any combination)

🥄 Shredded Carrot

🥄 Corn Kernels

🥄 Shredded Potato

🥄 Minced Garlic / Onion / Garlic powder

🥄 Mixed Italian Herbs

🥄 Egg - I omitted as my youngest is allergic.

🥄 Flour


Combine and pan-fry!

Serve with fresh vegetables.

Kids help by

👦🏻 peeling & shredding potatoes and carrots

👦🏻 slicing cucumber

👦🏻 adding ingredients to bowl and mixing

For lunch we had

brown rice,

miso soup with tofu and wakame,

stir-fried 小白菜 and

these meat patties with cucumbers and butterhead lettuce 😋

Do you have a simple dish that is well-loved by your little one? Please share them with me!

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