Mandarin Songs and Rhymes about Rabbits

Mandarin Songs and Rhymes about Rabbits

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We’ve been learning about 玉兔 quite a bit this mid-autumn season 🐰

Here are 5 songs and rhymes about rabbits to enjoy for some zero-prep Mandarin immersion!

🐰 小白兔白又白

My toddler's current favourite rhyme! Did you notice the last word of each phrase 押韵 and ends with "-ai" hanyupinyin? Makes it so catchy and satisfying to recite. (: Bring some props from your marketing haul to help your child make the connection!

🐰 小兔子乖乖

This is a fun song that has high frequency and meaningful words for toddlers and up! Like 门,开,进来,妈妈,不, 快点,回来. This is really fun to dramatise together too, try it (:

🐰 龟兔赛跑

I personally love this song that tells the story of the tortoise and the hare in 3 character phrases! (Okay maybe except the 羞死了, because my 8 year old is in the 热死了,闷死了 ,累死了 phase that I'm trying to discourage 😂)

🐰 小白船

This is a really interesting song that originated from Korea, written by in 1924, and later translated to Mandarin in 1950. 尹克荣's brother-in-law passed away in Sept 1924, and he often saw his sister longingly looking at the sky. The song depicts the loss of a loved one, and is also a metaphor for the pain of losing their country, as Korea was under Japanese occupation then.


🐰 小白兔请客

I'm so excited to rediscover this while compiling this list of rabbit-related songs. Haven't heard this in maybe 10-15 years, but the moment the music starts everything just comes back! There's a part of the song that involves speaking, which is a fun twist. Fantastic for role playing too!

I’m diving deeper into the topic of music as part of @3mm.Montessori’s Montessori at home online course that started this week. Hope to share more insights along the way!

Which rabbit song brings back memories for you?

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