MORE!! Mandarin songs and poems about Numbers

MORE!! Mandarin songs and poems about Numbers

Sing September Project

#funplaywithchinese x #sgprimaryschoolchinese

Here are 6 more songs / poems/ rhymes about numbers

for some fun learning!

These are suitable for slightly older kids

who are past the baby-ish 儿歌 stage.

1️⃣ 山村咏怀

This is a lovely poem written in the Song Dynasty by 邵雍

that incorporates the numbers 1-10.

There's a youtube video with a song version of this,

thanks @awreading for sharing!

2️⃣ 数青蛙

This is fun to sing on park outings when we see ponds and frogs!

3️⃣ 数蛤蟆

A rhyme, about toads instead of frogs.

Similar to the previous song!

Do you see the multiplication here? 😍

4️⃣ 红山果 by 安与骑兵

This is a special modern folk song that we can learn 量词 from, like

一朵花 一棵树

一座房子 一条路

一座山 一条河

一只小船 一个我, shared by @zeemag!

5️⃣ 十万个为什么

My favourite song out of the lot! Ahhh this song brings back so memories when @journey_2happiness recommended it, because this comes from one of my favourite cartoons to watch when I was a little girl. Just discovered the episodes on Youtube, and we're enjoying them while taking breaks from HBL🥳

6️⃣ 星晴 by Jay Chou

Really catchy tune! Any Jay Chou fans here? ⭐

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