Open Invitation - Project #FUNPLAYWITHCHINESE

Open Invitation - Project #FUNPLAYWITHCHINESE

Open Invitation - Project #FUNPLAYWITHCHINESE

Join us in October, as we LEARN ABOUT WORDS!

It can be about 可以是

📻 words we hear 听的

💬 words we say 说的

- oral expression 口语表达

📖 words we read 读的

📝 words we write 写的

- written expression 书面表达

🈶 simplified Chinese 简体字

- hanyu pinyin 汉语拼音

🈚️ traditional Chinese 繁体字

- zhuyin / bopomofo 注音符號 / ㄅㄆㄇㄈ

✏️ words 字

✏️ phrases 词

✏️ sentences 句

✏️ paragraph 段

✏️ passage 篇

🙈🏃🙌🐘 idioms 成语

🛏↩️🌕✨ poems 诗词

😜 jokes 笑话

🙂😉 homophones 同音字

whether we are 不论在

🏠 at home 家里

🌳 outdoors 户外


🤓 formal 正式

😎 informal 非正式

learning 的学习

and settings 与场合


🛒 shopping 购物

🍳 cooking 烹饪

🍜 eating 吃

🚶‍♀️ walking 走

🏀 playing 玩

🎤 singing 唱歌

⏳ waiting 等待


Let's look out for WORDS wherever we go,

and begin to notice the beauty or quirks of the languages we speak,

especially Chinese, our heritage language.

I’m super excited and honoured to have a few lovely friends to journey with us this month on this topic.

Join us on our families’ bilingual adventures!


@mystorytreasury Linxin

@forthekidsg Huimin

@jaschinese4kids Jasmine

@learningonacloud Joen

@miraculove_sg Yunnie

@ourhappylearners Jane

@ourmindfulpod Cindy

@tiffany_basket Jermaine

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