Our friends at @thetheatrepractice

Our friends at @thetheatrepractice

Our friends at @thetheatrepractice

are having their live shows these 2 weekends,

with lots of Mandarin nursery rhymes and

fun stories!

I’ve found that one way to

meaningfully extend our

child’s learning in Mandarin

is to read books relating to

real-life experiences, upcoming festivals

and more.

So we have prepared some good reads

to share with those attending!

Featured reads

for this weekend’s Breakfast Kakis shows

from @mystorytreasury














✨儿童新唱计划: 我们的儿歌画故事 1

✨儿童新唱计划: 我们的儿歌画故事 2

Pop by to read and tag us if you see it! ❤️

Thank you

@miraculove_sg for gifting us this sign from @ohfridayishere, and mat from @ikeasingapore

@sgmontessori for this second-hand bookshelf!

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around the island ✨

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