In the coming week, I’m privileged to have some friends gather together to share about Chinese poems!

This is part of our exploration of Words this October (:

Do you recognise this poem? It’s one of the most classic Tang poems around, popular to learn around 中秋节 and suitable to recite on any moonlit night.

My 6 year old posed a question that I don’t have an answer yet - 为什么李白不在他的家?要是他在家,他就不用想家了。


Sharing one of the best Tang poems resources I’ve ever come across - complete with hanyu Pinyin, simplified explanation, English translation, comic strip and more! Have included some sample pages for you to browse.


📕 漫画唐诗 Tang Poetry In Pictures

available on mystorytreasury.com under our Chinese Culture collection!

I was flipping the book with my 6 year old and we stumbled upon a new poem about birds.

Looking forward to read an discuss it with my kids later today!

Join us in our #funplaywithchinese x poems mini project

with @mystorytreasury @followingjoy @forthekidsg @sgmontessori @faithschooling_shalemshekinah as we enjoy Chinese poems with our kids!

If you had to pick just one poem to teach your child, what would it be?

Let us know in the comments!

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