Pre-Order open!

Pre-Order open!

Pre-Order open!

📚 小羊上山 Little Lamb Goes up the Hill

- Mandarin Leveled Readers

(3 Levels, Total 30 Books)


Sharing a highly recommended set of books

to help kids to read independently.

Set includes

💡 30 books

💡 spanning 3 levels

💡 each level covers 60 words

Why we love this set

💡 Beautiful illustrations

💡 Simple stories (but not baby-ish)

💡 Some stories are heartwarming!

💡 Use high frequency words + pictorial support

for better understanding

💡 Focus terms for each story appears repeatedly,

so children can grasp the

related vocabulary,

sentence structures and


💡 Increment in difficulty level is kept small

to protect the child's interest in reading

💡 Sentences intentionally contain newer words

amidst "older" and more familiar words

to boost confidence

More features

💡 Comes with a parent guide with

easy-to-digest pointers in comics form

💡 Includes word lists, word cards and

certificates for sense of achievement

💡 At the end of every book,

there is a little game, activity

or interesting science fact!

Suitable for: Ages 3-9

especially early readers!

Get this and other resources

to support your child in reading and writing

at 🥰

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