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Here’s some quick recommendations

and approximate age ranges

if you need resources...

for newborns and babies (ages 0-1)

✨小熊宝宝绘本 Little Bear Series (Set of 15 books)

✨亲爱的动物园 Dear Zoo

✨抱抱 Hug

for younger kids to LEARN about the world (ages 1.5 and up)

✨幼儿启蒙知识库 Little Encyclopedia (Set of 12)

✨我的第一套自然认知书 My First Nature Encyclopedia (Set of 40)

✨欢乐学习看图词典 Fun Chinese Picture Dictionary (2nd edition) - Bilingual

SIMPLE STORIES for younger kids (ages 1.5-6)

✨幸福小鸡系列 Happy Little Chicks (Set of 6)

✨小企鹅去旅行 (全4册) Little Penguins Go on a Holiday (Set of 4)

✨Bedtime Stories with Hanyu Pinyin (Set of 100)

to encourage kids to SPEAK more mandarin (ages 1-6)

✨互动有声认知小百科 Bilingual Interactive Audio Encyclopedia Soundbook

✨宝宝学说话 - 语言启蒙 Little Ones Learn to Speak (Set of 10)

✨手指点读系列 宝宝学说话有声书 Let’s Learn to Speak Soundbook

to TEACH younger kids to READ (ages 3-5)

✨华文好好玩 Mandarin Sensory Cards by Hello Bao (Set 1)

✨甲骨文配配卡 Oracle Bone Script Matching Card Game (Set 1)

✨汉字图画书 My Picture Dictionary

to TEACH older kids to READ (age 4 and up)

✨四五快读 Si Wu Kuai Du - 4, 5 Quick Read

✨无图字卡 Chinese Word Cards (Set of 750)

for kids to learn to READ ON THEIR OWN - no hypy (ages 4.5 and up)

✨开心小猪和大象哥哥 Elephant and Piggie (Set of 17)

✨小羊上山 Little Lamb Goes up the Hill - Mandarin Levelled Readers (5 Levels, Total 50 Books)

to encourage kids to READ ON THEIR OWN - with hypy (ages 6 and up)

✨深见春夫桥梁书 Haruo Fukami Bridging Books (Set of 3)

✨青蛙和蟾蜍 Frog and Toad (Set of 4)

✨万能船长帮帮忙 Almighty Captain Helps Out (Set of 5)

funny books for younger kids (ages 3-6)

✨动物村 Animal Village - 加油熊医生 Go, Dr Bear, Go!

✨好想吃榴莲 I Really Want To Eat A Durian

✨11只猫系列 11 Cats Series (Set of 6)

funny books for older kids (ages 7 and up)

✨怪杰佐罗力 Incredible Zorori (Set of 24)

✨又是这一班 It’s This Class Again (Set of 7)

✨米小圈脑筋急转弯 Mi Xiao Quan Brain Teasers Series 1 and 2

to learn about HANYU PINYIN (ages 5-7)

✨拼音真好玩 Pinyin is Fun (Set of 6)

✨拼音启蒙 问答游戏书 Pinyin Interactive Soundbook

to learn Chinese idioms (ages 5 and up)

✨米小圈漫画成语 Mi Xiao Quan Chinese Idioms Series 1 and 2

✨成语故事 Idiom Stories (Set of 20)

✨逗逗镇 成语故事 Dou Dou Town Idiom Stories (Set of 30)

Happy browsing!

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