Sharing our 3 must-have resources

Sharing our 3 must-have resources

Sharing our 3 must-have resources

to directly support and empower

Lower Primary kids in Singapore

for their #欢乐伙伴 MOE Chinese & Higher Chinese Curriculum!

#1 欢乐学习看图词典 Fun Chinese Picture Dictionary (2nd edition) - Bilingual

This is highly recommended and a must-have resource

for every single Chinese-speaking family in Singapore,

and I absolutely mean it!

Why we recommend it

✨ equips us and kids to speak more Mandarin in daily life

so there’s lots of exposure and a genuine need

to use the language

✨ great oral practice!

✨ accurate terminology

✨ reflective of local language use

✨ contains about 1000 commonly used nouns 名词,

with related measure words 量词,

collective nouns 集合名词, and

verbs 动词

#2 欢乐伙伴 好帮手 My Fun Buddy - Quick Reference Dictionary for Primary 1-3 students

This book alone saves me from tons of “妈妈怎么写这个字??”

when kids already know them!

My kids use this often on their own.

Why we recommend it

✨ an excellent quick reference for homework

✨ teaches kids how to use a dictionary

✨ all 识读字 in Primary 1-3 curriculum are included

✨ empowers my primary schoolers to be independent to find answers for themselves, and bridge knowledge gaps on their own

#3 我的学习词典 Chinese Dictionary for Beginners

To learn more in depth about each character,

this is a great resource!

Why we recommend it

✨ a simplified dictionary, friendly for lower primary students

✨ step-by-step equential strokes - kids are empowered to write out characters on their own

✨ colourful, with some pictures!

✨ Includes Vocabulary list for Singaporean Primary 1-4 Syllabus (with Hanyu pinyin and English translation)

✨ Super helpful lists - strokes, stroke order, quantifiers, radicals and more!

More details, photos and ideas for usage

are on our webstore.

🛒 Get your copy from (:

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