🇸🇬 Singapore Heritage Series 🇸🇬

🇸🇬 Singapore Heritage Series 🇸🇬

This coming month, we're celebrating our nation's birthday!

What a year it has been for all of us, in various aspects of life.

Am excited to share with you today about

our updated Singapore Heritage Series!

No better time to learn about local heritage, to

understand how tough it was in times past,

appreciate what we have in the present, and

spur us on for the road ahead (:

Titles in the series include:

1. 妈姐的金鱼灯笼 The Story of Majie

2. 爱的故事:李光耀与柯玉芝 A Love Story: Lee Kuan Yew and Kwa Geok Choo

3. 外公的小房间 Grandpa's Little Room

4. 会说话的肥猫 The Talking Fat Cat

5. 三轮车跑得快 Go Trishaw Go

6. 辛苦了红头巾 The Story of Red Headscarf

7. 小熊的新衣 The Little Bear's New Clothes

8. 辛苦了苦力叔叔 The Story of Coolie

9. 宁宁游甘榜 Kampong Time

10. 宁宁游新加坡河 Bumboat Time

Along the week, we’ll be sharing snippets of these stories and what we’ve learnt.

Now available on our webstore!

Bundle price is available for all 10 books in the set.

PS: Use "SUPPORTLOCALSG" for 10% off all local titles,

from now till 10 August 2359hrs!

Which title looks most interesting to you, let us know!

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