The Watcher: Jane Goodall's Life with the Chimps 观察者

The Watcher: Jane Goodall's Life with the Chimps 观察者

The Watcher: Jane Goodall's Life with the Chimps 观察者


Have you heard of Jane Goodall?

She has always been a great observer,

and is known around the world as a primatologist! 🐵

Since she was young, she loved to watch animals big and small,

from earthworms, to insects, birds, cats, dogs and horses.

She spent her childhood days

observing a robin 知更鸟 on a windowsill,

reading about Dr Dolittle talking to animals,

and about Tarzan living with chimpanzees.

She had always wanted to go to Africa

to talk with animals and live with chimpanzees!

She worked hard to save enough money,

to head to the forests of Tanzania, Africa

and got invited by scientist Louis Leakey to observe chimps.

She observed and documented how the chimps

🍃 are not afraid of rain

🍃 go hunting after waking up at dawn

🍃 interacted with her

🍃 modified branches into a tool to catch ants

🍃 interact with one another - old, young, male, female, babies, little ones, youths, the whole community!

🍃 express themselves - holding hands, hugging, kissing, laughing out loud!

🍃 are like when angry, afraid, fierce

🍃 jump, swing and explore waterfalls!

and became an advocate to protect chimpanzees from extinction.

Why we love this book:

✨ Biography of a lady who makes the world a better place!

Our kids need REAL heroes and role models.

✨ It shows us that observation is a gift!

✨ The description of how Jane persevered in

observing the chimpanzees and slowly getting their trust

was really beautiful.

✨ Illustrations are gorgeous!

✨ Inspires us to learn more about animals

Suggested extension activities:

💡 Visit the chimpanzees at the zoo

💡 Watch a documentary about Jane Goodall

💡 Read up on differences between different primates

💡 Learn about Ah Meng, a Sumatran orang utan

and tourism icon of Singapore

💡find Africa on the world map

Recommended for Ages: 3-8

Pages: 44

Format: Hardcover

Language: Simplified Chinese

Author: Jeanette Winter

Translated from: English

Translated by: 汪小英

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