This has been on my heart and mind a lot.

This has been on my heart and mind a lot.

Note to self:

remember the big picture

remember to connect before correcting

don’t look to the left or to the right

my family is unique

my kids’ needs are unique

be good stewards of the years that they’re in my household

Always remembering the examples of my friends @sgmontessorimoms and @mrsahgohgoh @ourmindfulpod @3mm.montessori to observe my own kids and support them where they are.

Also been reflecting on the importance of




If I hope my kids will grow in gentleness

I have to watch my tone

If I hope they’ll be more organised

I’ll have to work on keeping my kitchen and workspace neat

If I hope they’ll pick up Chinese books to read

I’ll have to make awesome books available and read them myself, and allow them to draw connections between books and real life

If I hope they’ll speak more Mandarin

I’ll slowly increase the time and places I speak Mandarin in, and improve my vocabulary

A chat with @followingjoy reminded me (wise words from her hubby), that it’s always the little things are the important things.

Quote discovered via @untigering and @sarahockwellsmith

What is something you’re journeying with your children right now? Share them with me!

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