This weekend

This weekend

This weekend

at @mystorytreasury HQ,

we celebrate Good Friday and Easter Sunday,

and we celebrate LIFE!

Everyday is a chance to spend our lives meaningfully,

to build bonds with our kids,

to talk with them

and read with them!

We are grateful for each opportunity

to share about awesome learning resources and

bilingual parenting,

and serve you guys in this space.

To celebrate with us,

use TAKETEN at checkout

to take $10 off orders above $100,

just this weekend!

Head over to

to check out


✨Bilingual sticker books with realistic photos

to keep busy hands occupied

✨Minecraft comics for game lovers

✨Learn-to-draw bookset with hanyu pinyin instructions, so we can incorporate more Mandarin into our conversations at home!

✨A heartwarming book to celebrate the Miracle which is our children

…and more!



by age, themes, or purpose.

Happy shopping 🛒

and hope you find something

to enjoy with your child 📚

💬 DM us if you

need some Chinese book recommendations,

I’d love to help ❤️

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