🇸🇬 Timmy and Tammy Singapore Series 🇸🇬

🇸🇬 Timmy and Tammy Singapore Series 🇸🇬

Sharing a little more about this lovely set we’ve discovered recently!

Features we love:

✅ Relatable as it’s all involving local experiences!

✅ Simple vocabulary to aid comprehension

✅ Short sentences for easy reading

✅ Hanyu pinyin aid available, separately indicated at the end of the book

✅ Interactive activity at the end of each story to aid recall eg Join the dots, put pictures in right sequence

✅ English-Chinese bilingual vocabulary list with hanyu pinyin for key terms

Honestly, I may not necessarily get the English version of all these books

but we could all use some help in the Mandarin department,

to help our kids enjoy and appreciate the language more...

so for me, this series is a must-have!

Limited sets will be released on our webstore tonight 8pm,

see you there!

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