Wishing you could travel? ✈️🛳🧳

Wishing you could travel? ✈️🛳🧳

Wishing you could travel? ✈️🛳🧳

Join us as we go around the world to look for ingredients to make an apple pie!

A lovely book to learn about where our food comes from, various countries of the world and what it takes to make an apple pie!

Recipe is included 😋

We had very fond memories of reading this book with dear friends a few years ago on a playdate, and baking shortcut prata apple pies together!

Once in a while my boys will ask to make applesauce and make these apple pies again.

Combining reading and cooking or eating is one of the ways to leave a deep impression and have lots of meaningful learning with kids!

Have you recently paired food and books with your child? Share with us!

📕 Featured: 环游世界做苹果派 How to Make An Apple Pie and See the World

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