Word Study on Bamboo 竹 zhú 🎋

Word Study on Bamboo 竹 zhú 🎋

Word Study on Bamboo 竹 zhú 🎋

and extension on pandas 熊猫 xióng māo 🐼

Here‘s a peek at some of our

recent explorations!

📘 竹林里的大熊猫, from Level 3 of 小羊上山 Little Lamb Goes up the Hill - Mandarin Levelled Readers. Super heartwarming & tearjerker story about a baby panda growing up in Mama’s love, and when it‘s grown up, it leaves mama to find its own bamboo forest

📘 Found the panda in 欢乐学习看图词典 Fun Chinese Picture Dictionary (2nd edition) - Bilingual, and learnt that River Wonders (previously called River Safari) is called 河川生态园 hé chuān shēng tài yuán

📘 Checked out 互动有声认知小百科 Bilingual Interactive Audio Encyclopedia Soundbook - with panda featured in the animal page. Comes with a catchy song too! This soundbook is such a gem!

🎵 熊猫 nursery rhyme lyric printout for singalong - it’s so fun to sing and follow along the lyrics! Heightens their print awareness, and it‘s a fun way to work on word recognition

📘 Learnt the various representations of bamboo 竹 zhú using 甲骨文配配卡 Oracle Bone Script Matching Card Game

📘 See how bamboo 竹 zhú word evolved over time in 汉字有意思 Hanzi Alive, my recent favourite甲骨文 reference!

📘 Learn about emotions through a cute title from 熊猫先生礼仪课堂 Learning about Manners with Mr Panda (Set of 7) - my toddler loves this so much!

📘 Read a poem 《树和草》about Trees and Grass from a local collection 周爷爷童诗选 Grandpa Zhou’s Poems for Kids (Set of 3) - did you know that bamboo is technically not a tree, but grass?

📘 Adored a beautiful Chinese watercolour painting from our book on radicals from 字是画 画是字 Words Are Pictures, Pictures Are Words (Set of 3), and learnt that 竹字头 words are usually related to bamboos

📘 We found even more 竹字头 words in 欢乐伙伴 好帮手 My Fun Buddy - Quick Reference Dictionary for Primary 1-3 students!

We also had many real-life experiences

tied to the study

which I hope to share in a future post (:

This word study is made possible

because of these lovely resources from our store

with lots of mileage,

that I can pull out in a moment‘s notice

to add breadth and depth

to any topic of interest!

Let’s help our kids make connections,

and let the Chinese language come alive (:

Let me know if you have any questions

about Word Studies! (:

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