Words in October #funplaywithchinese

Words in October #funplaywithchinese

Words in October #funplaywithchinese

Not all words are created equal!

What are words that you wish your kids will hold close to their hearts?

Time flies. My older boys are already at the tail end of their Primary 1 and 3 years!

Looking back at our bilingual learning journey, I’m starting to see more clearly what are some ✨small things✨ I can do with my kids that will reap lots of benefits later on in academics and life in general.

Copywork is one of them!

This season, 👦🏻 Mr 6 has been doing lots of Tang poem copywork from our Poetry bookset.

He’s been interested in Chinese history recently, so I thought it’s a time to introduce some Chinese lit.

To embrace beauty and virtue.

To build his character and identity.

(👦🏻 wants me to tell you that he went from not wanting to do it, to liking and wanting to do copywork!)

Here he has chosen 《杂诗》 by 王维 and 《乐游原》by 李商隐.

Previously he copied other popular poems like 《咏鹅》 , 《悯农》and 《静夜思》.

This is our favourite resource to do copywork from this season, because

✨there’s conversational Mandarin

✨English translation

✨Colourful visuals in comic format is very engaging

✨Font is large enough for 👦🏻 to see clearly and copy

✨Easy for us to draw something to remember the poem by

No pressure to memorise or

even understand everything.

Just trying to expose my kids

to the beauty of words in our language,

and nurture a love for Chinese culture, literature, and history!

Bonus is that we

learn to analyse the text,

learn to analyse characters,

practise handwriting

and much more!

This reminds me of the Montessori 4th Great Story: Communication in Signs / The Coming of Writing that we learnt at @sgmontessori with @k.for.kinder!

Jasmine @3mm.montessori also shared before that poetry are rich language resources, and I totally agree!

PS: Please don’t push young kids to write if they’re not ready, let’s observe their readiness and interest!


📕漫画唐诗 Tang Poetry In Pictures (Set of 3)

Diary book (Set of 4)

📕绘画日记 Draw and Write Journal for Kids

Have you tried copywork with your child before?

Share with us your thoughts!

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