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大家来过节 新加坡 传统节日与习俗 Let's Celebrate - Singaporean Festivals and Customs (Set of 3)

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Singapore has a racially diverse population. As we appreciate our commonalities in unity, we can also celebrate our differences to remember our roots and understand each other better.

This series of 3 books by Frank Fu 傅翀 @phrancphoo is amazing as it encapsulates so much of our local culture within. Frank shares with My Story Treasury that he's very interested in cultural practices and the symbolism behind them, especially of other races.

Let us go beyond wishing our friends "Selamat Hari Raya" and "Happy Deepavali" to understand more about their culture!

I highly recommend getting the full set to learn more about local festivals and traditions! The text may be a little wordy, but the illustrations are just gorgeous and definitely reflective of the world we live in now.

Can you believe that the author and illustrator Frank Fu started out with a single doodle inspired by a rhyme in February 2013? He then moved on to illustrate a whole series of graphics about Chinese New Year, then about other Chinese festivals, followed by the other books in the series which he completed in January 2019! His passion inspires us to start small, dream big and never give up.

Books in this series:

  • 《大家来过节 1》 新加坡华族传统节日与习俗 Let's Celebrate! Singaporean Chinese Festivals and Customs
  • 《大家来过节 2新加坡马来族传统节日与习俗 Let's Celebrate! Singaporean Malay Festivals and Customs
  • 《大家来过节 3新加坡印度族传统节日与习俗 Let's Celebrate! Singaporean Indian Festivals and Customs


  • Stunning illustrations by Frank Fu - We had fun checking out the dates on which he made each illustration, and this was really cool as we saw how each picture adds to the series.
  • Fun facts to help us understand each topic better.
  • Thoughtful activities behind each chapter - These well-thought out activities by a Chinese teacher of more than 10 years, are truly stellar! Frank told us that these activities are totally original!
    The activities are pitched at a various range of ages, and my 5 and 7 year old enjoyed going through them! For example, in the Chinese Festivals book, my 5 year old could easily identify items that are not suited for spring cleaning before Chinese New year. Matching the 吉祥话 auspicious phrases to the respective animals in the Chinese Zodiac was really fun too. There are also 想一想 food for thought, 猜一猜 riddles, 找一找 word search, 填一填 crossword puzzles, 连一连 matching activities, 玩一玩 maze and more!
  • Glossary at the end of each book.
  • Shoutout for his special contents page that is designed to be like a calendar!

Just a little note, that the books are positioned to discuss the 3 major races in Singapore. I've had to explain to my kids that not all Chinese are Buddhists or Taoists, not only Malays can be Muslims and not all Indians are Hindus. Though the religious practices may not be applicable for some, the cultural elements for each race are!

These reference books are a great addition to our home library and I know they'll be useful throughout the years too. I'm learning a lot of new facts from here too.

Type: Softcover books
Number of Books: 3
Suitable ages: 4-99

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Must-Get for Every Singaporean Child

I like this series because it details local cultural celebrations and helps raise awareness in younger kids about Singapore's multicultural society. We pull this series out before major celebrations to learn more about different cultural practices and discuss how they are similar/different from what we do. And I like that it expands my kids' Chinese vocabulary and it is really useful for parents to gain knowledge too (I personally learnt a lot).

Thank you Roxy for sharing how you use this set of books by Frank! It truly is a great investment as we can use this all year round, over and over again to gain a deeper understanding of local cultural celebrations (: It's awesome when we can join our little ones in learning!

Karin Chen
Great way to read more Chinese books and learn about our cultures!

My daughter requested for books introducing the different cultures in Singapore and I came across this set - even my husband is enjoying the books! Recommended for families looking to learn more about SG culture (in Chinese!).

大家来过节 新加坡 传统节日与习俗 Let's Celebrate - Singaporean Festivals and Customs (Set of 3)?

Slightly too advanced for my primary 4 kid to read independently , but that could be because her Chinese standard is not very high 😅 but it is a really lovely set of books to read together to get a good understanding of our multiculturalism. Highly recommend!

Joanne @raising.yeo
大家来过节 新加坡 传统节日与习俗 Let's Celebrate - Singaporean Festivals and Customs (Set of 3)

Love the graphics and the explanations of the festivals that are specifc to Singapore. It is a set of books that will be used for years to explain it's meanings according to our child's age. I personally learned a whole lot of new stuff.

Mel H
Informative and enjoyable

Really glad to get my hands on this set of books written by a local author in a local context. Eye opener for both myself and the kids.