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字是画 画是字 Words Are Pictures, Pictures Are Words (Set of 3)

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This is a must-have set of 3 books about

  • 偏旁 Radicals
  • 笔画 Strokes
  • 汉字 Characters

that I believe has its place in every home!

Each radical, stroke or character is accompanied with a beautiful Chinese calligraphy painting, either related to its meaning, or to its shape as a mnemonic.

With a very strong foundation in radical, strokes and simple characters, our children can then go on to build more complex words, and remember that difficult words are always made out of the same few building blocks!

What I love especially about this, is that the books are directly relevant to my boy's schoolwork!

The 5 year old in kindergarten has been learning the more complicated strokes in school, and my 7 year old was delighted to find words in his MOE Primary 1 欢乐伙伴 Chinese syllabus within the books too!

Our family uses this set of books in several ways

  • just flip through the books and enjoy the pictures
  • learn about Oracle Bone Script 甲骨文 in the 汉字篇
  • eg my 5yo learnt about 目 in school, we look for the corresponding page in the 汉字篇 to find more about how the character evolved from oracle bone script, we head over to the contents page of 偏旁篇 to look for 目字旁, then learn other words that contains this radical.
  • my 7yo learnt 爸爸妈妈 etc in school, so we sieved out the pages relating to family 儿,女字旁,人字旁 etc to delve deeper
  • when we do copywriting, and we forget the stroke sequence of certain words, we'll check out the books to find it out!

Do note that only the book on 汉字 has hanyu pinyin for each main Chinese character.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Stephanie Ow
Beautiful illustrations help to illustrate each meaning to each stroke or word

My son proactively opened and flipped through the pages of this set. However I had to go through with him page by page as there is no hanyu pinyin. Each stroke is accompanied with some examples of Chinese characters which has the stroke. Some of these characters are very difficult - for his age (he is 5). So I do wish there were more explanations to the examples though - I have to come up with them myself!

Linda Lee
字是画 画是字 Words Are Pictures, Pictures Are Words

This set forms a very good companion to the 汉字是画出来的 + 汉字是拼出来的 series! Also, I like that the set has separated chinese writing into 偏旁, 笔画 etc. This set also has an additional 写画本! Great for practicing!

Beautifully illustrated, handy size!

We have not used this fully but it would definitely be a nice complement to our Chinese learning and can also be used together with our 甲骨文配配卡. I like how there are different books to support the child’s learning as they grow - we are going to start with strokes, followed by radicals.

Thank you Joen for your review! Am sure this will be a great reference for months and years to come! Privileged to be part of your family's bilingual journey (:

Jena Lim
Highly recommended for learning how to write words and how they came about!

I really like how each word comes with an illustration, how the word came about (oracle bone script) and a stroke-by-stroke guide on how to write the word. A definite must-have, contains 3 books that covers radicals, strokes AND characters!

Thank you Jena for introducing these books! It's such a gem in our household too, and a resource that keeps on giving!