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可爱的鼠小弟 一起刷刷牙 Let's Brush Together

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Come and discover the importance of brushing teeth, together with the lovely 鼠小弟 and friends!

Learn about

  • What are cavities?
  • How are cavities formed?
  • What will happen if we leave cavities alone?
  • How does having cavities affect us?
  • Going to see a dentist - the experience
  • What we need to brush our teeth
  • How to hold the toothbrush
  • How many teeth do humans have?

and more!

Why we love this

  • Really adorable illustrations
  • Understand the why and how about cavities which helps us understand the importance of good dental hygiene
  • Infographics are very visual and kid-friendly

Recommended for Ages: 3-10
Pages: 32
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: [日] 中江嘉男
Translated from: Japanese

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