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三胞成语乐园 Yeah! Chinese Idioms (Set of 2)

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Highly recommended for local primary school students!

Join triplets  新新加加坡坡 in their daily family life,
and hear about their fun adventures with their parents and grandparents.
They're born in the year of the Tiger,
and there are some references to it throughout the comics which is really interesting!

If your family has enjoyed Nao Nao comics, this is similar
and some may enjoy these even more!

Why we love this Chinese idioms comics series
✅ It's great to see how a family uses Chinese idioms in their daily speech, and modelling it for us!
Illustrations are funny and some of the characters' expressions are so comical! I'd hear my kids laughing away while reading on their own
✅ Content and scenarios are based on Singaporean family life, very relatable! Reflects daily life in modern Singapore eg MRT doors closing (Book 1 pg 21), supermarket (Book 1 pg 39), 听写 paper (Book 1 pg 67), crossing the road (Book 2 pg 41). Some of the words that the parents say, are what we'd really say in real life!
✅ Stories contain lots of high frequency Chinese characters, definitely overlapping what they learn in school
✅ Stories are told from the child's point of view, something they can definitely identify with!
Pictures give contextual clues, so kids can follow the storyline on their own even it they can't read every single character. Confidence booster!
Stories are very short and sweet
Simple language used in conversations
✅ Shows care and family interactions between members of 3 generations. 三代同堂的喜怒哀乐!


  • Introduces 50 Chinese idioms that primary school students should know and idioms that are useful in daily life
  • Each Chinese idiom comes with
    • Hanyu pinyin of idiom itself
    • 2-3 pages of comics 
    • Relatable family daily life setting
    • English translation of idiom itself 
  • At the end of the book, there is a Helpdesk List of all the idioms, with 成语解释 explanation and 造句 sample sentence

Some Chinese idioms covered

  • 爱屋及乌
  • 半途而废
  • 不翼而飞
  • 打草惊蛇
  • 对牛弹琴
  • 海底捞针
  • 目中无人
  • 饮水思源
  • 胆小如鼠
  • 火冒三丈
  • 面如死灰
  • 井底之蛙

It brings me lots of joy to see my kids enjoying these Chinese idiom comics
and I hope your child would like them too!

Suitable for ages: 5-12
Format: Softcover
Number of Pages: 130 per book

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