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包起来真好吃 Yummy Food All Wrapped Up

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Food is the way to my kids' hearts for sure! So this lovely pop-up is a really effective way to introduce our Chinese culture and world culture to them.

Learn about different food from around the world, like

  • Chinese dumplings 饺子
  • Mexican wraps 夹饼
  • USA hamburgers 汉堡
  • Russian meat jelly 肉冻
  • Chinese rice dumplings 粽子
  • Chinese mooncakes 月饼

and more!

Chinese dumplings, glutinous rice dumplings are usually made during Chinese New Year! As for rice dumplings, it's common during Dragonboat Festival, and for mooncakes, during Mid-Autumn Festival.

Additional resources upon purchase:

  • 🔊 Audio narration 

 Here is a video about the different dumplings around the world!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
My kids fave book from My Story Treasury!

My 6yo and 1yo are obsessed with this book, their absolute favourite from My Story Treasury. 6yo loves food so she enjoys reading about the other food cultures overseas, and assembling the hamburger etc. 1yo loves pulling out all the pieces of food to play with. As a parent, I enjoy reading this book to them, the dishes look delicious and I also learnt about some foods that I didn't know about before. Cute book and great for foodie families.

Leslie Lauw
Excellent Service

Kudos for the excellent helpful service from Lin Xin ! Beyond my expectations!

Interactive book with interesting concept

Through this book, we were introduced to foods from various cultures through the interesting concept of food being “wrapped up”. The girls had fun trying to spot the main character 几古 on every page. They especially love last page where they get to pick and choose different types of food to put on their plates. Removing and fitting back the pieces makes for good fine motor skills practice as well!

Wen Xiu Heng
super cute book!

super cute & fun book that introduces culture through food! love all the interactive elements too.