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周爷爷童诗选 Grandpa Zhou's Poems for Kids (Set of 3)

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Here is a beautiful collection of local poems for kids!
Zhou Can is a pioneer in the creation of children's poems in Singapore,
and in these books, we have some of his best works.

Poems include:

  • 池塘里的声音 Sounds in the Pond
  • 蝴蝶和胡姬花 The Butterfly and the Orchid
  • 阳光 Sunlight
  • 雾 Mist
  • 含羞草 Mimosa
  • 瀑布  Waterfall
  • 电风扇 Electric Fan 

and many more!

Why we love this set

  • written in daily conversational Mandarin
  • easy for kids to understand, not buried beneath classical language and difficult words
  • there are photos of real-life nature elements like trees 
  • topics include nature, daily life, family, playground elements and more
  • relatable for young kids
  • based on sights and sounds in Singapore!
  • encourage us to create our own rhymes too
  • model for us that "rhymes" need not always rhyme,
    that there can be cadences
    and can capture a particular moment, feeling or feature of something

Recommended for Ages: 3 and up
No. of Books: 3
Pages: 144
Format: Softcover 
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 周粲

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