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和竹子在一起 Together with Bamboo

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Do you know what bamboo can be used for?
Not only do pandas eat it,
bamboo is really useful and
can be made into a myriad of items for different purposes.


Follow 阿斌 and his family across the seasons of the year,
as they live and work on a bamboo plantation. 

They trudge up the hill to collect bamboo shoots,
go back home to peel off the outer shell together,
help to construct drains to direct water from the stream on the hill, back home at the foot of the hill,
catching fireflies,
catching fish by the river,
making and flying kites together,
and more!

At the end of the book, as spring beckons, and they're preparing for Chinese New Year -  Grandpa presents 阿斌 and his brother with precious handmade bamboo pen holders as a gift to celebrate their growth in the past year.

Why we love this book

  • Gentle illustrations
  • Lots of descriptive and accurate terms - to elevate the literary environment and quality of language for our kids
  • Such books are so rare! Gives us a glimpse into countryside family life in rural China - without modern luxuries, but so rich in love, life experiences and the community spirit
  • We can see the seasons come and go,
    and learn how the rhythm of their lives change
  • Nurture appreciation and respect for nature in our kids
  • Showcases amazing nature and ingenuity of man to use bamboo in so many ways
    • bamboo toy guns
    • bamboo hats for farmers
    • huge carrying baskets to carry on things on their backs
    • bamboo shoots to eat
    • feed for cows
    • open water canal system to direct water from a stream, down the hill, to their home at the countryside, so they have water to wash vegetables, wash clothes and shower!
    • bamboo fan
    • fishing rod
    • fishing trap baskets
    • rake
    • broom
    • kites
    • flutes
      and more! It's so eye-opening!

Conversation Starters:

  • What do you think bamboo can be used for?
  • Did you know most bamboo plants only flower once in their life cycle? 

Extension Activities:

  • Learn about  竹字头 words
  • Outing to River Wonders in Singapore, to visit the Panda exhibit and learn more about Bamboo
  • Check out Bamboo Forest in Singapore Botanical Gardens, Learning Forest - there are more than 30 species of tropical bamboo there!
  • Watch a documentary on Youtube about growth / uses of Bamboo
  • Visit a shop in which they sell lots of bamboo products

Recommended for Ages: 4 and up
Pages: 32
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 徐斌
Illustrator: 袁亚欢

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