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哥妹俩 漫画成语 Brother and Sister Comics about Idioms (Set of 4)

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Comics are a great way to interest our kids in the Chinese Language.

This series of comics about idioms will attract older kids,
children can expand their knowledge on Chinese idioms,
and most importantly, keep them coming back for more Chinese books!

What we love about this set

  • Comics are funny!
  • Each page is made up of 4 frames of pictures
    with accompanying text,
    suitable for a quick read anytime
  • Stories are about two siblings, the dynamics between them are relatable and sometimes pretty heartwarming!
  • Written by a Malaysian author - the language used is quite familiar to us
  • 成语 comes with
    hanyu pinyin, and 
    a little explanation.

Samples of almost 400 idioms listed within:

  • 半途而废

  • 暴跳如雷

  • 本性难移

  • 笨头笨脑

  • 不假思索

  • 不可思议

  • 不言而喻

  • 不约而同

  • 胡说八道

  • 胡言乱语

  • 虎头蛇尾

and many more!

Recommended for Ages: 8-12
No. of Books: 4
Pages: 368
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 徐有利

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