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多多的鲸鱼 Pedro's Whale

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Pedro is a young boy who absolutely adores whales.

On the first day of school, his teacher tells him to put away his favourite toy whale because toys are not allowed in the classroom, and Pedro is devastated.

Pedro's teacher soon discovers something wonderful!
When she allows him to bring his whale to class,
and weaves his special interest into their lessons,
he learns well, 
and the other children in the class learn along with him too!

Whales helps Pedro to

  • learn about years, months, weeks and days
  • listen to stories
  • learn about floating and sinking in Science class
  • make friends during recess
  • learn addition in Math class
    and more!

The authors don't specify it,
but Pedro actually has autism.
In fact, the illustrator Justin has autism too!
Beyond just being a book about supporting children with autism,
this story reminds us to honour every child's individuality,
and that beautiful things can happen
when we are brave enough to tap into the child's high interests!

This is a lesson that all of us parents and educators can learn from (:

And brings to mind what Julie Bogart shared
in her book The Brave Learner

"Anything can teach everything
and everything can teach anything,
if we choose to see the connections and
trust the child's love of learning already at work."

Recommended for Ages: 4-8
Pages: 20
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: Paula Kluth, Patrick Schwarz
Illustrator: Justin Canha
Translated from: English
Translated by: 王漪虹

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