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宝宝开口读儿歌 Little Ones Recite Rhymes

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This is a sweet book about a mole as he goes along his daily life,
meeting different friends
at different places
on different adventures
learning different numbers -
and introduces rhymes about all these things!

Rhymes are really important for language development!
Reading Chinese rhymes help

  • improve our enunciation 咬字 over time
  • train our ears 磨耳朵 to the sounds of our language
  • us attune to rhyming words with similar ending sounds
  • easily learn chunks of words by heart when kids are little
  • hone verbal storytelling skills - to be able to retell stories without using a book

Features about this book that we love

  • very bite-sized short phrases in rhymes
  • with lots of rhyming words and cadences for us to enjoy
  • topics are relatable to daily life
  • features familiar animals and scenes
  • adorable and bright illustrations set on a clean white background!
  • On every page, there is a question pertaining to something on the page. This is really interesting as it encourages lots of back and forth communication between the parent reading, and the child!

Extension activities:

  • While reading with my older kids, we'll take turns identifying the words that rhyme
  • Further exploring of word families - words that rhyme - write out the hanyu pinyin, and make our own funny sentences using those words! The ability to analyse, classify and play with these words are important language skills!

Recommended for Ages: 1-8
Pages: 146
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 金波
Illustrated by: 兹德内克 米勒

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