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小威的中秋节 Xiao Wei's Mid-Autumn Festival

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Join Xiao Wei as he celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with his extended family! Mid-Autumn Festival is one of reunions, everyone makes a point to gather together to mark this special occasion.

Some scenes of their preparation and celebration

  • Xiao Wei's aunt comes back all the way from London,
  • he and his mum make sure there are enough mooncakes to go around,
  • his mum shares happy memories of her making mooncakes as a little girl with her mum
  • his dad brings him for a walk at the park to see river lanterns
  • his uncle whips up a spread with his grandma
  • the whole family enjoying a reunion dinner with the beautiful harbour and full moon in the background

An excerpt of the book -

“哈哈, 那是传说,当然看不见啦!”

Many parts of Chinese culture are based on myths and legends, and I find it important to distinguish between fact and fiction whenever reading with my kids! So I really appreciate this touch that the author added in, to bring us back to reality and help our kids understand that these mid-autumn tales are just stories.

We love the illustrations by 朱成梁, who also illustrated 《团圆》 and 《打灯笼》, both with 浓浓的中国风 and so beautiful.

Side note: The illustrations here make an excellent reference for kids who would like to draw mooncakes!

Recommended for Ages: 3 and up
Pages: 33
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese

Additional resources upon purchase:

  • 🔊 Audio narration 

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