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幼儿圣经 第一课 The First Step Bible (Bilingual English-Chinese)

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This is an excellent bible to introduce some stories and characters to toddlers and preschoolers!

Features that I find helpful:

  • Fast-paced short stories 
  • Told from first-person perspective ("Hi! I'm David!")
  • Clear, simple text with average of about 10 English words per page
  • Repetitive ideas, words and phrasing patterns 
  • Tips to help parents teach the bible to the very young
  • We love the inner front and back pages of the books - with bible characters introducing themselves - it's such a fun way to recap the gist of each story and character with our little ones!
  • Original passage referenced in the contents page - so we can check out the adult's English or Chinese bible for the full and accurate passage with more details.


As this bible is edited for simplicity to allow kids to understand at their level - inevitably the stories will be slightly watered down. Our role as parents would be to pitch the stories at their appropriate level and add in clarifications or details from the original passages as needed.

Recommended for Ages: 1-5
(My 2-year-old really loves this!
She has picked up the names of the Bible characters quickly,
and can follow through the stories well.
On several occasions, my 6-year-old read this to his little sister.)

Pages: 5448
Format: Hardcover
Language: Bilingual - Simplified Chinese and English
Author: Mack Thomas
Illustrator: Joe Stites

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