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我们的身体 立体书 Our Bodies 3D Pop-up Book

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This is a lovely pop-up book
about the human body
that you do NOT want to miss!

I wish I had this when
studying Human Anatomy years ago (:

It introduces parts of the human body like

  • Reproductive system - fallopian tubes, ovary, uterus
  • Skeletal system - bones, teeth, joints
  • Digestive system - stomach, small intestines, large intestines, liver, gallbladder, pancreas
  • Respiratory system - lungs
  • Nervous system - nerves, brain
  • Cardiovascular system - heart, blood vessels


to learn many things like

  • how babies are made
  • how babies grow
  • how we see, smell, taste
  • why do we need lips and eyelashes
  • what happens when we cry and sneeze
  • how can we protect our ears
  • what is our skin made of
  • how our hands move
  • what are cavities
  • how do we brush our teeth properly
  • how to protect our spine
  • how food travels, get digested and eliminated
  • how blood flows
  • what happens when we get injured and bleed

and much more!

Why we love this book:

  • 3D pop-up model of the layers of the skin
  • lots of interactive fun flaps with little facts
  • magnetic puzzle of some body parts
  • big skeleton model with moveable joints - wow factor!

This is suitable for:

  • getting kids to be curious about the human body
  • visual and kinesthetic learners
  • a gift for a special child in our lives!


  • The types of magnetic puzzles may vary between batches.

Extension activities:

Recommended for ages 4 and up
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Absolutely amazing book that is factually accurate (in Chinese) about the different body parts, functions. The pop up features are so attractive, enticing especially the one where my child moves the food down the different parts of the digestive system. Thank you for bringing in this book


Many interesting topics to explore. Book is very engaging especially with the interactive features included in it. Worth getting!

Such a great book

This book is so value for money! It's so fun for kids to be interact with the book and learn facts about their bodies. I got one for my kids and went back for more as gifts for others. Highly recommend!

Only thing I didn't like was at the end there was a tiny section where they gender-labelled the toys - but no biggie, I just told my kids this isn't how it works.

Simple enough and interactive elements are so good!

This book is of a class of its own with regard to pop up books. What more, it is in mandarin too! I love the detail and how carefully the author thought through with regard to using the interactive elements like magnetic pieces to explain parts of the body like the brain and the layout of the body profile. My kids crowd around to read despite not knowing mandarin well. Kudos for bringing in this book and hopefully more of such to come! Coming from the perspective of a collector of pop up/pull out books :)