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我会拿筷子了!+我越来越懂礼貌了! I Can Use Chopsticks Now! + Wise Before Five (Set of 2)

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Come and learn 43 life skills and 26 basic facts
to nurture your child's ability to care for self, and
teach your child important things to navigate this world!

I truly think this set has a place in every single home,
and am super excited to have found this gem to share on My Story Treasury!

These books are highly useful and practical,
and helps us to raise thoughtful children who
grow in their independence,
and can use their skills to help others too!

Topics covered in this set:

  • Using chopsticks
  • Holding toothbrush
  • Button our clothes
  • Tying shoelaces
  • Using a pair of scissors
  • Sweeping the floor
  • Opening the lid of a jar
  • Emotions
  • Opposite words
  • How to make friends
  • Alphabet
  • Body parts
  • Planets
  • Weather

and more!

Why we love this bookset:

  • Illustrations are adorable, colours are bright!
  • Lifeskills are broken down into small achievable steps 
  • Clearly labelled visual guides for tasks that we didn't know how to breakdown before

Some of our favourite pages:

  • Using an umbrella - How to to hold it by the handle, how to open an umbrella step by step, do not poke others with the umbrella
  • How to place our fingers to hold a bowl properly
  • Various things we can do with chopsticks - 搅 stir, 夹 pick up,切 cut
  • Ways to pick up different pets! This is so interesting, I've never seen it taught in a chilldren's book before!
  • How to open a packet of chips and the lid of jelly / yogurt
  • to wrap a lunchbox / bento in in Japanese furoshiki!
  • Family tree that is labelled
  • Things we can think about when we're upset, to help us feel happier
  • Morning and bedtime routines

Recommended for Ages: 2-8
No. of Books: 2
Pages: total 40
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: [日]宫里晓美 编著,[日]常永美弥 绘 / 
[]莉比·沃尔登 (Libby Walden) , []叶卡捷琳娜·特鲁汗 (Ekaterina Trukhan)
Translated from: Japanese / English
Translated by: 吕佳  / 张亦琦

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