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我的情绪小怪兽 The Colour Monster 3D version

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We teach our children how to read and write,
but do we teach them how about emotions?

By visually associating emotions with colours -
yellow for happiness,
blue for sadness,
red for anger,
black for fear and
green for calm,

we give little children the tools to identify and label their emotions.
Being able to label emotions helps us
to then work on regulating them.

Colour Monster wakes up one day feeling confused!

He feelings are all over the place. He feels

  • angry
  • joyful
  • peaceful
  • sad
  • afraid

All at the same time!

A little girl uses different colours to represent the different emotion he feels.
As he learns to organize and describe his jumbled emotions,
this charming monster acquires self-awareness and peace of mind.

The cardboard collage effect of the illustrations
against a white background is so special!

My 6 year old and I had a fun time
trying to analyse how the elements and layers are made,
using crayon, marker, textured paper, different colours of cardboard etc.
He kept saying that the illustrations are really 3 dimensional
and it wow-ed him!

My 2 year old had fun identifying the colours and emotional expressions on the monster.

Perhaps another time we can attempt to make some monsters
just like those in the book.

Recommended for Ages: 3-8
Pages: 44
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: Anna Llenas
Translated from: Spanish
Translated by: 叶树吟

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