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抱抱 Hug

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Perfect 满月 gift or to the expectant mum!

Recommendations for Reluctant Readers!
Best for Dramatised Reading for 0-3 years old: 抱抱 Hug

Little Chimp Bobo is looking for his Mama. Touching reunion at the end.

🐵 Perfect first Chinese book or for "kantang" parents. Whole story only has the text 抱抱, 宝宝, 妈妈
🐵 Ends in endless hugs and giggles
🐵 Room for lots of interaction and acting out of story
🐵 Can be re-read countless times! My own copy is tattered and torn. That says enough!

Bobo needs a hug. But his friends don't seem to understand. "Hug," he implores, time and again. Time and again his puzzled pals—from the smallest chameleon to the tallest giraffe—shrug and cuddle with their jungle mothers. As the lonely chimp's plea escalates, his friends grow concerned. Can the elephants lead Bobo to his heart's desire? Jez Alborough, the acclaimed author-illustrator transforms a total of three words—and some of the most tenderly expressive animals ever created—into an endearing tribute to love and belonging.

Recommended for Ages: 0-3
Pages: 40
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: (英)杰兹·阿波罗 Jez Alborough
Translated by: 上谊编辑部

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Simply endearing and heart warming

This book has been read so much the spine is giving way. The children dramatise it all the time, weeping and shouting 抱抱! we love simple book with strong messages of love like this one. Definitely a keeper!

Who doesn't like Bao Bao?

Bao Bao is such a sweet book to read with my toddler. Simple words but strong meaning. We love the illustrations that also allows me to discuss different expressions illustrated on the characters in the story. A good bedtime story to get lots of cuddles before we end the day!

Hi Doreen, thanks for sharing with us how you read the book to your toddler! Love th precious bedtime snuggles (: Hugs were invented to let people know you love them without having to say anything! -Anonymous