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新加坡快乐小厨师绘本系列 Happy Little Singaporean Chef Series (Set of 4)

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Get to know some local dishes through this set of books! I really love the illustrated steps of food preparation, like how to remove the skin of tomatoes, steps and sequence of frying bee hoon and more!

Titles include:

  1. 《今天我们炒星洲米粉》Today Let's Fry Singapore Style Bee Hoon

  2. 《今天我们做三文治》Today Let's Make Sandwiches

  3. 《今天我们做印度煎饼》Today Let's Make Roti Prata

  4. 《今天我们做番茄炒蛋》Today Let's Make Tomatoes with Scrambled Eggs

Features of this series:

  • Storyline is of a hungry mynah flying around the neighbourhood, looking for food and stumbling upon various dishes prepared by various families. At the end of each book, the mynah flies home to record the recipe down
  • Books introduce local dishes,
    made with local ingredients
    and condiments commonly found in our kitchens
    which is hard to find!
  • Helps us familiarize with local dishes in Mandarin

Conversation starters:

  • What types of eggs are there?
  • What is the life cycle of a chicken? How do we differentiate between eggs that hatch into chicks and eggs that are for eating?
  • What types of noodles are there?
  • How do we make roti prata? What are the ingredients?
  • What types of sandwiches do you like to eat?

Suggested extension activities:

  • Watch a video on the life cycle of a tomato, it shows how to grow various types of tomatoes, many dishes that can be made from tomatoes including tomato hotpot! At 12:05, the lady marks an X on the tomato, similar to what they did in the book!
  • Try out one of the recipes! Go grocery shopping together, and try to follow the steps and eat them together (:
  • Order one of the dishes while eating out, and name the ingredients

Recommended for Ages: 4-9
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese with Hanyu Pinyin
Author / Illustrator: 林文佩

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